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Q: Can you match the color of the anodizing to my paint?

A: Anodizing is an oxide plating that is grown out of the parent metal, dyed, and sealed. Because of this it is a great deal more permanent than paint, but this reduces the flexibility of colors. As a result, we are not able to provide color matching, but believe anodizing is a better choice of finish for something that will be subjected to hand-abrasion, day in and day out. Toyota vehicles last a long time, and we want our products to as well.


Q: I don't see the color I would like in the store. Can you anodize in purple?

A: Yes! We can do purple, pink, light blue, and a few other colors that we do not regularly produce, but can on special request. Unfortunately, green is not a color we offer at this time.


Q: I would like a black set of shift knobs, but I want the lettering in red. Can you do that?

A: Because we use laser etching to inscribe the patterns and logos, we can not provide colored etching at this time. A laser is burning away some of the anodizing (the colored part) and exposing aluminum oxide, which is more white than plain aluminum. This provides a very permanent marking, where a painted process is sure to rub off over time.


Q: Do you offer raw aluminum parts?

A: No, because the anodizing provides a protective finish that will prevent corrosion and resist scratches much better than raw aluminum. While the anodizing isn't thick like paint, it is thick enough that without it, the fit and finish of our parts could be compromised. For example, the lenses we press into our Climate Control Knobs will not fit without the anodized finish first being applied. In addition, raw aluminum parts will eventually begin to lose their lustre.


Q: How can I tell if my FJ came with real Ellis Precision Shift Knobs?

A: Ellis Precision shift knobs are strictly aftermarket, and are engineered to install into your FJ without adhesives. We use a unique design for the automatic transmission knobs that allows you to lock the etching in place during installation. Similarly, our transfer case and manual transmission knobs use thin jam nuts to orient the etching on the knob. If your knob set uses any sort of sticker for alignment, it is not an Ellis Precision shift knob set, and may eventually begin to rattle as the adhesive eventually fails.


Q: Why are your climate control knobs so expensive in comparison to the other aluminum knobs on the market?

A: Excellent question! All of the other aftermarket climate knobs are loosely machined to fit the OEM switches, and glued in place with silicone. Ellis Precision is the original aftermarket climate control knob manufacturer that offers an OEM fit. We had to leave conventional CNC milling behind to do it, but the climate control knobs we manufacture are precision broached for a perfect fit.


Q: The product I would like to purchase is out of stock. When will more be available?

A: Some products are not great sellers, but we want you to have what you want, so we will continue to offer some products on a made-to order-basis so that we don't have to limit your options. If it is out of stock, please send us an email and we will let you know how soon we can have your parts manufactured and shipped to you!


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Of course, but only to countries with an EMS or priority mail service.


Q: I've seen pictures of some custom parts with an etching that I like. How can I order those?

A: Please send us an email! Depending on what you would like, some additional charges may apply, but we would be happy to customize your parts for you with your artwork.