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Ellis Precision was the first to manufacture FJ Cruiser grille badges, and provided grille badges for free to registered drivers in the FJ Summit from 2007 to 2011. EP was contracted by the FJ Summit to produce the badges again in 2014. These badges were produced in limited numbers, and were all individually serialized.

Even the Trail Teams grille badges that followed were inspired by the 2007 FJ Summit grille badges. Both Ellis Precision and Jason Gottlieb (who originally had the idea for an FJ grille badge based on a Land Rover badge) were contacted about the badge idea prior to the Trail Teams badges being manufactured by a marketing company that was working for Toyota at the time.

Now, grille badges of all shapes and sizes are readily available, but the officially produced Summit grille badges, limited edition Trail Teams grille badges, and yearly forum commemorative badges (by War Rocket Industrial) remain rare and in high demand.